About me


– I was born in 1955 in the city of Chust, Namangan region of Uzbekistan. My dad is Ukrainian, mom is Russian, there are Jewish roots in the family. So, decide for yourself what my ethnicity is. Immediately after my birth, my parents moved to Jalal-Abad in Kyrgyzstan, from where, after finishing the eighth grade, I left for Sevastopol. There I graduated from a shipbuilding school and worked at the Sevastopol Marine Plant. I served in the Navy in the Northern Fleet. After discharge, I came to my parents to the city of Dzhambul (now Taraz) in Kazakhstan, where my parents had moved by that time. There I married Anna, with whom we raised nine children.


Yours truly,


- Vitaliy Serebryanskiy



I once heard that the geographical outline of Alaska in America is called “Dragon” because this outline looks like the face of a dragon. Being an artist, I could not ignore this and therefore decided to use Google Earth to see this very dragon. While looking around this state, I suddenly clearly saw a large bald eagle looking at me, holding an olive branch of peace in its right wing. This is how my new author’s idea was born, which many curious and thoughtful people really like. This art idea was published on the Alaska Dispatch News website. This new design may have a mixed future. Who knows?... Maybe this art idea will become a good business project, because the main thing is to take the right steps at the very beginning. I see in the outline of our state of Washington one characteristic detail, namely the tail of a fish. After thinking a little, I decided, why shouldn’t this little tail find its goldfish? This is the design we ended up with. 


Vitaly Serebryansky