Activity book #1 - Snowflakes

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Snowflakes are heavenly. What!? What!? Is this true? Yes, it’s entirely true; there are neither 5, nor 7, but always exactly 6 (!!!) points in each snowflake which has ever fallen, is falling, or will ever fall from the sky for the duration of the Earth’s existence. Why? I don’t know,  that’s just the way it is. Maybe it’s because  water molecules have 6 points. Our goal is to learn and then teach children how to easily cut out such six-point snowflakes. We show how to do this with the help of very simple instructions. After separating the sheet from the book, very carefully fold it just 3 times, as shown in the instructions. Then you can start cutting. This is a brand new, very successful method for engaging and teaching children how to create beauty with their own hands.

This book is to help children’s imagination grow, and build art skills. When creating things with this book, the child will not just cut and fold but they will be able to decorate and create their artwork however their imagination desires.

This book will build art skills and talent while having fun all the same time.