Cut & See Activity book #4

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A new idea for engaging children with useful, creative work. A book which awakens abilities. A book which teaches and, of course, brings creative satisfaction. This is a unique, educational, and, at the same time, very simple way to get children interested—by working with symmetrical images. In this workbook, children acquire the habits not only to fold precisely and cut out, but also to draw. We show only the left side of the image; the right side needs to be drawn in so that it matches the left. Children can draw the rest on their own by using a design of their own making and their own imagination. This book can inspire children to engage in creative pursuits later on. 

When children immerse themselves in the book, they activate their eyes, brains, hands, and imagination by using the artistic accessories of their choice. Most importantly, I think,  parents will be very glad to see their children get busy with useful, creative work instead of constantly playing computer games which are bad for the eyes, and the sanity. Age-wise, this book is for those who can not only fold precisely, but can also work with scissors.

This unique and simple way of creating everyday objects into geometric shaped cuouts is fun and engaging for kids. It lets them use their imagination and art skills to create and fold their masterpieces.

These are the steps:

  • First you separate the paper from the book, then you fold the paper in half along the secondary dotted line, then fold it once more to create a triangle shape.
  • After it has been folded into the final shape, all you have to do now is cut the shape out along the outline and discard the excess paper.
  • When you have finally cut the shape out, just unfold it and decorate however you like.

When the child completes this project, she will be astounded by what they can create with their own hands. They will want to do more and decorate their own art pieces, however they please.